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Premium lawn seed - Dark green dream lawn

Experience the highest quality with our My Beautiful Premium Lawn "Dark" No. 10 Original price: €49,90 | Now only: €44,90

Enjoy lush elegance in your garden with our dark green premium lawn. Perfectly matched top varieties offer durability, density and grace in one lawn carpet. Whether used as an ornamental lawn or a sturdy utility lawn, this premium blend is self-regenerating and stands up to heavy use. The rich green appearance is pleasing to the eye, while the composition also improves the overall quality of the turf. Use reseeding in conjunction with careful maintenance to achieve your dream lawn.

- Suitable for new planting and reseeding
- Can be grown in sunny and semi-shaded areas
- Deep, dark green
- Recommended cutting height: 12 - 50 mm
- Even with intensive care up to 8 mm height
- Contains the innovative runner-forming variety Lolium perenne CORSICA
- Robotic and self-regenerating
- Medium maintenance
- Mantelsaat®️Vital for optimal germination
- Seeding rate: 20-25 gr./m²
- Sufficient for areas of 50 / 125 / 250 / 500 m²
- Re-seeding quantity: 15-18 gr./m²

- 40% German ryegrass (Lolium perenne) CORSICA (stoloniferous).
- 20% Horst red fescue (Festuca rubra commutata) GREENFIELD COM
- 20% Red fescue with short stolons (Festuca rubra trichophylla) PINAFORE
- 20% meadowgrass MANTEL SEED (Poa pratensis) BROOKLAWN

Discover the lawn mixture that meets the highest demands. The dark green premium mixture meets all expectations of durability and elegance. Suitable for ornamental and utility lawns, it regenerates itself and fills gaps in existing lawns. Grab it now and make your dream lawn come true!

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