Transport axle for cylinder mower
Transport axle for cylinder mower
Transport axle for cylinder mower
Transport axle for cylinder mower

Transport axle for cylinder mower

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Discover our transport axle for cylinder mowers - the ideal solution to keep your Push reel mower "Falkenstein" effortlessly and gently. These specially developed wheels make transporting your cylinder mower child's play.

  • Gentle transportation: With the transport axle allows you to transport your cylinder mower to the desired location easily, silently and without damaging the mower or lawn.
  • Compatibility with your FalkensteinPush reel mowerThese wheels are specially designed for your Falkenstein-Push reel mower but can also be used with other cylinder mowers.
  • Two length variantsWhether your cylinder mower is 40 cm or up to 60 cm wide, we have the right size for you. This ensures that your transport axle fits your mower perfectly.
  • Versatile on uneven surfacesThanks to the wide tires, transporting the cylinder mower over uneven areas and lawns is no problem. This gives you flexibility on different types of terrain and minimizes damage to the turf.
  • Easy handlingSimply tilt the cylinder mower slightly backwards onto the rear roller, then push it forwards onto the transport axle and you can push it effortlessly.
  • Maintenance-free: You don't have to worry about regular inflation, because our wheels do not need to be filled with air. This saves you time and effort when it comes to maintenance.

  • Innovative technologyOur in-house developed and produced backlash-free bearing technology ensures long-lasting and efficient use. It reduces wear and increases the reliability of your transport wheels.

Our transport wheels for cylinder mowers provide you with a convenient, maintenance-free and robust solution for transporting your mower. They make it easier for you to maneuver over different surfaces, so that transporting your cylinder mower is easier and quieter.


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